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My new favorite product – Artisana’s walnut butter

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Artisana Walnut Butter

 A few weeks ago, I found Artisana’s walnut butter in my local shop and knowing that walnuts are a good source of unsaturated fat, I couldn’t resist buying it. Having shunned nut butters in the past, I was surprised just how delicious it was. It tasted exactly like eating whole walnuts. The smooth yet grainy texture worked perfectly on my piece of wholegrain toast.

Made from just two ingredients: organic raw walnuts and organic raw cashews, Artisana’s walnut butter is a perfect way to add extra protein, omega-3s and omega-6s into your diet. Just two tablespoons will give you 17g of good unsaturated fats and 5g of protein. Although walnuts are the main ingredient, the cashews are included to “add sweetness and smooth out the texture” as explained by their customer service representative, Amy Fernandez.

You can use this butter as a dip for breadsticks and crudités or spread it on a piece of toast. You can add it to main dishes such as butternut squash agnolotti with walnut butter, chilled zucchini, walnut and basil soup, or chinese chicken walnut stir fry. It is also perfect for stirring into deserts such as banana walnut butterscotch bars, bittersweet chocolate walnut macaroon cookies or maple walnut ice cream. Using walnut butter gives the traditional peanut butter recipes a contemporary twist. My favourite way to use it is to cook tagliatelle with sauted mushrooms, walnut butter, shaved parmesan and baby arugula.

Artisana’s walnut butter is produced and packaged locally by a small family-run business which is committed to producing good quality raw organic food. Each product contains just a few essential ingredients and the production process avoids the use heat treatment to ensure that the products keep all of their natural benefits. Artisana’s walnut butter is sold in glass jars or single serving portable pouches which you can buy either in your local Wholefoods or online by visiting covitality.com. Their other products include: coconut butter, almond butter, madademia-cashew butter, coconut oil and cacao bliss spreadable nectar. They have recently added a new line of butters for the super health conscious. These include: marine phytoplankton nut butter, blue green algae nut butter, goji berry and milk thistle nut butter, berry antioxidant nut butter and acai berry nut butter.

So give Artisan’s walnut butter a try I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

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