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Why should we pay attention to what we eat?

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The answer is simple: because it impacts our health. The choices we make in shops and restaurants have a significant impact on our lives. We all know about the advice to drink fewer sodas, eat less fat and avoid trans fats. But not everyone knows that there are dangerous synthetic chemicals in what we would consider healthy foods like milk, yogurts, breads and even some fruit and veg.

Robyn O’Brien talks about why she started to pay attention to the food she and her family were eating every day. She gives mind-blowing statistics and goes on to talk about synthetic proteins which have been introduced into the food supply chain in America without proper trials to prove that they are safe for human consumption. While in Europe and other countries the same proteins have been banned because of the lack of trials.

If you are wondering why you should pay attention to what you eat then watch this talk. It may just convince you to change your habits.

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