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There are so many types of dried fruit in the supermarket, how do I decide which one to buy?

When buying dried fruit I recommend avoiding: sugar/sweeteners, sulfur dioxide, synthetic pesticides and artificial colors.

1) Sugar/sweeteners – many manufacturers add sugar, artificial sweeteners or fruit juices to their dried fruit to make it taste sweeter. I recommend avoiding these sweeteners because they don’t contain any nutritional value and only add calories. Sometimes the front of the packaging clearly states that the dried fruit has been sweetened. Dried pineapple, banana, cranberries or blueberries are a good example of this. However if you want to be sure you are avoiding the added sugar/sweeteners you will need to check the ingredients list, as the use of sugar/sweeteners does not always appear on the front of the packaging.

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Is snacking on dried fruit healthy?

If you eat it in small portions, it is.

Dried fruit is a fantastic invention. It gives us an instant energy boost, it can be taken anywhere and can be stored for a long time. Best of all, dried fruit retains most of the nutritional value of its fresh counterpart. So including a small portion of dried fruit in your everyday diet will give you similar benefits to eating real fruit. Continue reading

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Pesto crusted salmon with baby kale and asparagus salad


Pesto crusted salmon is our favorite weeknight dinner. It is so easy to make. You can serve it with almost any greens or grains, but my favorite way of eating it is with kale and asparagus salad, and a small piece of crusty bread on the side. I found the recipe for the salmon a few years ago in the Little Dish recipe book and we have been making it ever since. It is also a total hit with our kids. They like their pesto salmon with couscous, and a few fresh vegetables. Continue reading


Fun and healthy Valentine’s Day ideas for kids

Here are some fun, healthy and sweet Valentine’s Day ideas for kids:

Heart fruit kebabs

These are so easy to make. All you need is fruit, a heart shaped cookie cutter and some kebab sticks. They make a nice change to the everyday fruit in a bowl.

fruit kebobs


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Want to know which fruit or veg has the most pesticides?


photo credit: forsythfreshproduce.co.uk

Over the last few years new health stores and local farmer’s markets have been springing up everywhere and buying organic fruit and veg, in order to avoid synthetic pesticides, has become a huge trend. But what do you do if the only cucumber or pepper, which is available, has been conventionally grown? Do you buy it or do you leave it on the shelf? What do you do if buying everything organic is simply too expensive? Continue reading

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Hacking life – how to live to be 100+

old person

photo credit: bluezones.com
In the Okinawa region in Japan a 109 year old woman is still gardening

If you want to know how to live to be 100+ then this is a TED talk for you. Dan Buettner gives an inspiring talk about 4 key geographical areas called blue zones in Loma Linda in USA, Nicoya in Costa Rica, Okinawa in Japan, and Sardinia in Italy. These 4 blue zone areas are particularly interesting because they have the highest proportions of centenarians and twin studies have estimated that only 20% – 30% of individual’s lifespan is related to genetics leaving a staggering 70% – 80% to the lifestyle. So a question arises: What do people in these geographical areas have in common and why is their life expectancy so much longer than that of other people? Continue reading