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There are so many types of dried fruit in the supermarket, how do I decide which one to buy?

When buying dried fruit I recommend avoiding: sugar/sweeteners, sulfur dioxide, synthetic pesticides and artificial colors.

1) Sugar/sweeteners – many manufacturers add sugar, artificial sweeteners or fruit juices to their dried fruit to make it taste sweeter. I recommend avoiding these sweeteners because they don’t contain any nutritional value and only add calories. Sometimes the front of the packaging clearly states that the dried fruit has been sweetened. Dried pineapple, banana, cranberries or blueberries are a good example of this. However if you want to be sure you are avoiding the added sugar/sweeteners you will need to check the ingredients list, as the use of sugar/sweeteners does not always appear on the front of the packaging.

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Want to know which fruit or veg has the most pesticides?


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Over the last few years new health stores and local farmer’s markets have been springing up everywhere and buying organic fruit and veg, in order to avoid synthetic pesticides, has become a huge trend. But what do you do if the only cucumber or pepper, which is available, has been conventionally grown? Do you buy it or do you leave it on the shelf? What do you do if buying everything organic is simply too expensive? Continue reading


How do I choose the best yogurt?

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Like with everything, not all yogurts are created equal. In fact, there is quite a jungle of yogurts out there and you would be surprised just how much they differ. There are those that are really good for you and there are those that are simply not. On my last trip to Safeway I picked up a yogurt, their pantry essential brand, and I was horrified when I read the list of ingredients. Not only did the yogurt contain high corn fructose syrup as the third ingredient on the list after milk and vanilla base, the yogurt was lacking the live and active cultures which make yogurt healthy in the first place. In addition, the yogurt contained colors yellow 5 and yellow 6 not to mention pectin, carrageenan, modified corn starch and phenylalanine. Studies show that yogurt is really good for us, so how do you chose a good and healthy yogurt and where do you begin? Continue reading